NAVIKA Dallas 2017 is the grand 4th World Kannada Summit which is being held in the world-class architectural wonder, surrounded by fantastic hotels, performance stages and a vibrant, welcoming downtown, in Dallas, USA during the labor-day weekend of September 1st to September 3rd 2017.

The Summit is a canvass for bringing together the highest quality art, literature, education, business, healthcare and technology under one roof. The prime time programs involve popular film actors from Kannada film land, performances by well known celebrities, artists and discourses from literary personalities. The grand event will showcase varied talents with energetic participation from all spectrums of global community along with local talents in the US. The cultural events will include traditional dance, drama, music, comedy, talent competition, game show, fashion show and pageant. In addition, participants will be able to avail themselves of the much anticipated Youth Forum, Singles meet and Sports events.

In the business and professional segment, various forums like Business Forum, Continued Medical Education (CME) and Project Management Institute (PMI) events are being organized in collaboration with several successful international organizations to enrich the community with latest knowledge and provide networking opportunities. Additionally, a high level delegation from Govt. of Karnataka will be visiting to harness the vision of promoting Kannada by establishing a collaborative initiative in culture, commerce and trade.

The venue, Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport, Dallas, Texas, a carefully chosen convenient location and state of the art facility, allows us to organize several activities simultaneously by accommodating several thousand attendees at any given time. It provides all the required attributes for conducting an event of this magnitude like safety, accessibility, ambiance, spaciousness and of course history and elegance.

Needless to mention, meticulous attention is being given to assure authentic Karnataka regional meals during the entire duration of the summit to cater to the needs of all the attendees with utmost care.

Our hospitality team has put together an elaborate accommodation plan and other hospitality measures for the convenience of attendees and participants. The team is eagerly waiting to provide any assistance in making your summit experience memorable, comfortable and joyful.

Registration are being accepted online and by mail. Hurry up and book your spots today!

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