Guidelines for participating in NAVIKA Dallas 2017 music events


  • Classical (Including Carnatic and Hindustani)
  • Gamaka
  • Janapadageete
  • Rangageete
  • Sampradayageete
  • Bhaktigeete (Devaranama,Vachana,etc)
  • Bhavageete
  • Chitrageete
  • Harikathe


  • Solo – 5 minutes
  • Groups of 2-6 [excluding accompaniments] – 10 minutes
  • Groups of more than 6 [excluding accompaniments] – 15 minutes


  • All performers participating in the music program must adhere to the general rules as well as those specified herein.
  • All performers must be registered for NAVIKA 2017
  • All compositions of vocal and instrumental performances have to be in Kannada language.
  • Group performances are given preference.
  • Entries are considered complete only when both the entry form and the audio clip have been received.
  • Music committee decisions are final and binding.
  • NAVIKA 2017 will not provide accompaniments. Participants must bring their own accompaniments.


  1. Entry Form
  2. Good quality CD or mp3 clip of the proposed songs. If not available, audio/video of a rehearsal may be submitted. (Need not be professionally recorded, a home recording will suffice).
  3. A sample clip of your music audio of 5 minutes or less should be attached.
  4. A minimum of some shruti accompaniment is preferred in the audio clip.
  5. Sample clip for Chitrageethe entries have to be recorded with karaoke track.
  6. Artists’ profile.
  7. If available, reviews of proposed or past performances, media coverage, photographs etc., are encouraged for submission.


Please submit the registration forms at the earliest. Last date August 1st, 2017.

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